Beppe Barbera

Piano diploma in classical courses at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin and 2nd level degree in jazz music at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

He taught harmony theory, analysis and improvisation at the Conservatory of Aosta.

His passion for music, present since his childhood years, has always been characterised by the need to explore different languages. Fascinated by the sounds of youth, in his teenage years he performed in dance clubs in his region. At the same time, he attended an accordion school that prepared ensembles with transcriptions of classical pieces. His musical listening at that time alternated between the stars of the song of the moment and Beethoven and other prominent figures in the history of cultured music.

Thanks to some acquaintances, he approached jazz, which became the main context of his musical career, without ever straying from other genres that are still a source for his compositions and artistic projects today. The need to deepen his musical culture led him to study piano and graduate as a private student. With time, he gets closer and closer to contemporary trends in both classical and jazz.

He expresses his musical personality in several directions, alternating his activities as a musician and composer with teaching. He holds lessons and seminars on improvisation for various institutions (public and public schools, music institutes and conservatories). 

He has played in clubs and festivals; he has participated in radio and television broadcasts and collaborated in the staging of theatre shows and live film music.

He has composed and published pieces for different kinds of ensembles (orchestral, chamber ensembles, solo instruments), performed at festivals, exhibitions and academic contexts; he has recorded CDs that have been very favourably received by specialist critics. 

In jazz projects, his stylistic signature, always recognisable, moves freely between different and sometimes contrasting atmospheres: in some contexts, his refined timbre-harmonic research favours chamber and intimate sounds. In other circumstances he expresses himself with an ironic taste or one tinged with restlessness. 

The experience in different musical spheres (classical, folk, jazz), gained over the years and merged in his works with taste and balance, gives his production an original style.

last update 7 giu 2023